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Blazo Gjorev offers top tips for increasing profitability in trucking

Blazo Gjorev discusses how to run a successful trucking firm and maximize profits through basic efficiencies and scaling the enterprise for growth.

NAPLES, FLORIDA, November 26, 2021 — In challenging economic times, the idea of running an extremely profitable business of any kind may seem impossible. However,  trucking industry expert Blazo Gjorev maintains the best practices for maximizing business profits are also a top way to navigate economic downturns in the best way possible. 

Blazo Gjorev’s history in trucking

Throughout his long career, Blazo Gjorev has demonstrated tenacity and resilience through larger upswings and drops in the global financial situation. His story illustrates the importance of consistently striving for improvements and taking unique opportunities when they present themselves. 

Gjorev immigrated to the United States in 2002 with a limited grasp of the English language. His first job was a temporary role as a truck driver. As he drove, he further developed his English-speaking skills and started noticing efficiencies capable of improving the transportation industry.

By 2005, he was ready to incorporate his first business focused on streamlined transportation services in a major U.S. city. It quickly grew to become one of the biggest and most recognized firms. From there, the opportunities for growth were limitless, and it was at this time that Blazo Gjorev started elevating other trucking and transportation-focused businesses

Optimization is key to trucking profitability

After his initial successes in the trucking industry, Gjorev branched out and started to acquire and advise other companies. It was here he developed the best practices for profitability he later shared with other transportation-focused businesses. 

Scaling is instrumental to the success of a trucking firm. This is why much of Gjorev’s focus in recent years is on increasing access to financial products for those in the trucking industry. With competitive access to capital, a trucking business can lease or purchase an adequate number of trucks and trailers for maintaining a business in a big way. 

A well-managed fleet makes it possible to secure larger contracts and long-term deals that generate recurring revenue a business can factor into plans for additional growth and expansion. 

One of  Blazo Gjorev’s primary recommendations for a new business is to develop buying power. Greater buying power means access to savings as deals are secured based on bulk purchases. For a larger trucking enterprise,  costs are lower. This leaves an opportunity to reinvest profits in the business. 

Technological efficiencies are also key to maximizing profitability in trucking. From advanced route planning using GPS and other mapping technologies to streamlined employee management and more accurate bookkeeping, advanced software and hardware pay for themselves over time with reduced costs and fewer administrative burdens. For some businesses, contracting for key services is a major step toward enhancing profits, and Blazo Gjorev is passionate about sharing his expertise in these areas with other trucking companies. 

Tips to Drive Safely

There are a number of cases coming daily in the town about the injuries as well as casualties that take place due to car accidents. Due to an increase in the number of cars as compared to past the years, car accidents have increased. To make sure that you do not become part of one such car accident, you need to take care of some simple points. To be financially safe in case of a car accident, you can look for the cheapest car insurance nsw. However, below-listed are some major tips to drive safely:

  1. Speed:

Most of the car accidents take place because of either of the car was driving at high speed. When you are driving at a high speed and if you need to apply breaks immediately as well as suddenly, you lose control over your car which leads to an accident. Therefore, drive at an average speed and let you take some time to reach your destination. This is much better than getting a bed rest for at least a month. Moreover, you will also be saved from legal penalties when you are driving at a regulated speed. 

  1. Seat Belts:

Traffic police and other such people often make a request for people to wear their seat belts. Many of the lives in car accidents might have been saved if the driver wore a seat belt. Therefore, for the next time you drive the car, make sure all of you have worn a seat belt to be on a safer side. Moreover, you should also get airbags installed in your car. When your car is been hit, these airbags come into play and ensures that you are free from any kind of injury. Hence, a seatbelt and an airbag is a must for a car. 

  1. Night Driving:

When you are on-road driving at night time, the visibility gets reduced as compared to the day time. This is the reason why you should avoid traveling as well as driving at night to be on a safer side. When it is urgent and if you have to drive a long distance, make sure that you are not feeling sleepy during your drive. There are many car accidents that happen because of the driver dozes off during his night drive. You can have someone sitting next to you to have a conversation with which will ensure that you do not sleep while driving. 

  1. Drink & Drive:

Apart from the above-discussed cases, there are also a number of car accidents reported due to drink and drive. Driving in that condition is not only dangerous for you but also is not safe for the people there on the roads. You do not often have control over your car and hence you should not drive in such a state. If you are going to a party, you can either travel by cab or can have someone who can drop you home safely once the party is finished.

All About Fuel Management Systems and Their Uses

The automobile industry is no longer limited by the restrictions of regressive technology and budgetary constraints. Recent studies have revealed a steady rise in the development of innovative and cost-effective techniques to improve the vehicle design, its durability and the fuel capacity.

Fuel management is an important part of automobile design these days thanks to the ever-increasing petrol prices. Companies cannot afford to lose out on fuel resources. There may be several internal and external reasons why fuel or gas is depleted so fast. Some of them are listed below; 

  • When the model is outdated, or the engine is old and obsolete
  • When the driver smuggles or steals the fuel for his personal use
  • When the vehicle is overused or taken via longer routes
  • When the driver uses the vehicle for his personal errands
  • If the vehicle is not serviced or maintained properly

Low fuel can lead to a number of problems including low efficiency, greater changes of breakdown and even permanent damage to the engine due to excessive heat and friction. Thankfully, you can now tackle the problem via fuel management systems.

Need for Fuel Management Systems

Fuel management systems have made things a lot easier for automobile companies and fleet maintenance platforms. Armed with an extensive database and a user-friendly interface, these applications allow users to keep a complete and comprehensive list of all the vehicle models that have manufactured or dispatched. And that’s not all, with a unique GPS integration, companies can now actually track where the vehicle and what is its performance, physical condition and fuel efficiency. The company can even establish direct contact with the driver.

Fuel management platforms offer immediate updates and notifications in case the driver is deviating from the set route or overusing the vehicle beyond its capacity. It even tells you if the driver is deliberately delaying his trips, taking sudden breaks or stealing fuel from the tank.

Finding the Right Fuel Management Software

There are several platforms out there that claim to offer accurate and effective reading of your fleet. However, not many would be customisable enough to suit your requirements. You need to consider the size and scale of your fleet before you pick a fuel management platform. Read through the customer reviews, ratings and check the previous brands and clients the software has catered to before you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Fuel Management Systems

Reduced Costs

With an effective fuel management system in place, you are in a better position to monitor the usage and performance of the vehicle. Plus, the fact that these apps are usually compatible with multiple devices and can be accessed anywhere, ensures that you get live updates. This helps you prevent any accidents, fuel fraud and other crimes.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

With fuel management systems, companies can also identify any major areas where fuel is being wasted and take actionable measures to prevent it. This reduces your carbon footprint and is also beneficial for the environment.

Fuel Management and Automobile Industry 

With a functional and feature-rich fuel management platform, you can reduce the cost of maintenance tenfold. It helps you track exactly where and how the fuel is being used and the steps that you can take up to reduce your losses.

Fuel management also tracks the carbon emission and pollution that the vehicle causes. This would in turn give you insights about how to upgrade the vehicle design in a way that makes it more sustainable and user-friendly. Companies have now become more aware of their social and environmental responsibility, acknowledging the need for bio-friendly alternatives to fuel.