10 Most favorable credit cards for students

After this article you will know about 10 best credit cards for students which provide students with the best features on the market.

1) Bank of America® Cash Rewards Credit Card for Students

This option is preferable for U.S citizens. This credit card offers for students a 1% cashback and a special 3% cashback which you can choose for yourself! APR is changeable and varies from 16 to 26%. The percentage of APR is usually considered based on your credit history so this card is not a credit card for students with bad credit.

2) Citi Rewards+ Student Card

This card has a branched point system. For every purchase, you earn a particular amount of points which then can be exchanged for dollars. In some special places like supermarkets and gas stations, you will earn double points. APR percentage is also variable and equals from 16 to 26 percent. Probably not one of the best credit cards for students but still a good option.

3) Discover it® Student Cash Back

If you are keen on cashback then this one is for you. It is one of the top credit cards for students which are available on the market. With this one, you can receive a monstrous 5% cashback which is a lot for student’s card. Other perks are similar. This credit card offers for studentsAPR from 15 to 25% which is a nice addition

4) Discover it® Secured

Wenn you ask me what is the best credit card for students I would that this is that one. It refers as  best credit cards for people with no credit and credit cards for students with bad credit. It requires a really low first deposit, moreover, it can be returned if the owner will prove his payment ability for some period of time. Besides, it has other great features such as 2% cashback on all purchases at gasoline stations and fast food restaurants.

5) Capital One® Secured Mastercard®

This one is also a good decision for people who want to improve their credit rating. The minimal deposit on this card can be only 49$! This is probably the lowest deposit on the credit card which is possible. Also, it can be useful to track your finances. Still, APR is pretty high but other advantages overweigh disadvantages and it is the best credit cards for people with no credit.

Don’t forget that the most important thing for the student’s credit card is to pay all the bills on time. It can help you to build your credit rating fast and don’t worsen the situation with already existing credit rating.

Remember to make your own research while choosing the credit card. Whether you are interested in cashback services or in raising your APR it is almost impossible to find a credit card which will fit all your requirements and combines all perks. Choose one which is in the priority for you or order more than one card.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing In Gold

Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing In Gold


According to most novice investors, gold coins and bullions are the most secure ways of protecting financial assets. However, they come with potential advantages and disadvantages similarly to any other investment.

Therefore, in case that you wish to make a purchase, you should know potential rewards and risks that will come with that decision.

You can easily find both bullions and gold bars for sale so that you can take advantage of price swings. Even though people think that it is the safest bet, the prices can go both downside and upside based on various worldwide factors.

Therefore, you have to consider gold as the perfect solution that will help you get financial stability you always wanted. Most investors state that buying gold is not that simple, and it is an approach that you have to understand.

That is why you should stay with us to see the advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold:

Benefits of Buying Gold

  • It Is Simple To Sell Them – The main reason why people are so interested in buying gold for investment purposes is due to the idea that they can liquidate it in a matter of days without any additional problem. Since most people use it daily for jewelry and other reasons, you will be able to find the usage that will appeal both you and your future buyers.
  • Possessing Gold Is Satisfying – Have you ever hold a golden coin in your hands? It is the best thing ever, and in a matter of minutes, you will notice that you will be carried away and enjoy its appearance and shine. We tend to love gold since it is something that we use for various purposes, and the most popular application is in the jewelry industry.
  • Stable Price During Financial Crisis – You have probably noticed what happened in 2007 after the mortgage crisis took down several banks and caused a severe financial crisis, which is still undergoing and causing effects. During that period, due to the idea that money is losing value, investors tend to spend their funds into buying gold as the safety that will remain stable during hard times. Another vital factor that you should consider is that when the financial situation in the world goes better, the price goes down as a result.

Disadvantages of Buying Gold

  • You Have To Pay Premiums As Well – Since gold has stable price determined by the world’s market, dealers tend to charge premiums due to additional expenses they had such as storage, transportation and many more. It means that you have to pay extra amount apart from the ounce value, which is something you should consider when creating a budget.
  • It Is Difficult To Verify Old Coins – If you are a collector, you will have to pay a significant price tag so that you can determine the value of coins you have. Numismatic coins are highly, but the main problem with them is a subjective price that would depend on the dealer and your wish to get it. The price depends on rarity, historical significance, and other factors as well, which is why you should see to it before you do anything about it.
  • It Is Unsafe To Keep It At Home – Since we live in the world filled with crime and wish to get fast money, as soon as someone notices that you have gold inside your house, the next thing you will see is burglary attempt. You can invest in household security such as video surveillance as well as getting high-end safe, but that will be another significant investment that you have to handle. On the other hand, you will also be able to find an agency in which you can hold it, but you also have to pay for monthly fees, which will create a hassle and hole in your budget until you decide to liquidate everything.

Check here to learn more on gold and its properties.

Final Word

It does not matter what you decide to do, because these advantages and disadvantages will help you determine whether investing in gold is a sound idea or not.

In case that you want to invest without knowledge, that may lead to problems and financial issues as well. That is the main reason why you should inform yourself ultimately.

Drawing the Line Between Legitimate Fraud and Friendly Fraud

Fraud is evolving faster, maybe as quick as e-commerce is- when companies get savvy, fraudsters look for other loopholes.

Regrettably, it is getting costlier and more prevalent every year.  Juniper Research, a market analyst, predicted that retailers would lose $130 billion in the coming five years because of card-not-present fraud. But that’s not the only way criminals can attack you- they use a web of interconnected loopholes to exploit you.

The global expansion of e-commerce: Every market has risk, so as e-commerce grows, tricksters will keep looking for more ways to breach you.

Conflicting security policies and practices: Contradicting and weak industry rules and regulations. Site owners are not also compliant, which gives a gap for online criminals.

EMV liability: In-stores are becoming more impenetrable; perpetrators are turning online fraud as an easy way to get money.

Brand-new tech: It is challenging to keep updating security policies with the speed at which tech is improving.

For merchants, safeguarding oneself in the digital market should be priority number one. Failure to do so may lead to irreparable damage.

For instance, though chargebacks exist as legal recourse to help buyers/consumers recover their money in case of fraud, they are doing more harm than good to retailers. And because you also to want to protect your customers but not at the expense of your business, it helps to know how to draw the line between legitimate fraud and friendly fraud

Legit Reasons For a Customer to File a Chargeback

If a trickster completes a transaction with stolen cardholder details, the card-holding customer has a right to petition a chargeback.

Account takeover, on the other hand, is when occurs, a scammer uses partial or full user info to take control of a user’s account. Hackers do this by phishing websites or use other data-stealing techniques.

In fast fraud, the cybercriminal gets hands on cardholder payment info and tries to complete multiple transactions as soon as they can before someone raises a red flag.

All the above techniques are unique and require security measures to discover and prevent them. To start with should conduct fraud scoring. It involves monitoring different metrics to see the possibility that a transaction is deceitful. You can make a decision based on fraud indicators like:

  • Device fingerprinting
  • AVS (address verification service)
  • Geolocation
  • Proxy piercing  
  • Velocity checking
  • Biometrics (for smartphone apps like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay)
  • Friendly (Fraudulent) Chargebacks

Though chargebacks are a great way to protect your shoppers, but most of them these days are the result of criminal fraud. In fact, friendly fraud is a growing e-commerce threat. It happens when a customer petitions a chargeback without tangible proof.

Most chargebacks are triggered by;

Shopper expectation: Today’s online market assures consumers of instant gratification. Anything less will lead to a chargeback request.

Ignorance or lack of knowledge: Most customers don’t know the niceties of the process- for many, a return and chargeback are the same things.

Online shoplifting: best known as chargeback fraud, this occurs when a shopper completes a purchase to file a chargeback later so they can get a product and not pay for it.

Consumer’s self-reproach: A customer decides they no longer want a service or good and rush to the bank instead of requesting a return from the seller or service provider.

The bottom line

According to figures from Chargebacks911’s research, 60 -80 percent of chargebacks are due to friendly fraud. These numbers are threatening given that chargebacks incurred businesses $31 billion in losses via revenue, products, and fees in 2017.

Merchants must now take seriously any chargeback and employ the best practices when trading online.  The challenge is to serve customers without compromising your bottom line.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas is the co-founder of high risk payment processing company eMerchantBroker. He’s just as passionate about high risk merchant account as he is with traveling and spending time with his dog Cooper.

6 Ideas To Improve Your Business Blog In 2019

How did your business blog perform in 2018? Did it generate the awareness you desired or offer the value which you had anticipated?

What is the purpose of your blog? Do you intent to generate leads directly from it, or it may be more of an education offering to your client base and potential customers.

Either way, the fundamental secrets of what makes an effective and powerful blog remain the same.

The plan is to create a consistent level of high-quality content with a direct-purpose at each stage to develop a relationship or create the start of a customer journey.

Your top of the funnel content will be more broad and target keywords which overlap within your industry to create some awareness of your business and its brand – what it stands for.

This can, with good SEO, lead to an excellent increase in your website traffic – but it is the responsibility of your blog (more specifically the post / content) to engage the reader and with the relevant content upgrade, entice a level of commitment.

If not, they roll on to your remarketing campaign, or can be identified by website visitor tracking software. But either way, do not underestimate the process of increased traffic to your website as an overall bigger picture toward end goals.

With regards to the intricacies of your content – here are six ideas to consider for making improvements to the conversions on your blog this year.

1. Be Open to Your Customers’ Voices

You are blogging for your customers definitely so it is better to do what they want to read on your posts. Always be open to their feedback and cater to their needs in your blog posts so as to increase organic traffic for your website. When your customers know that they will get what they want then there is no way to stop yourself from succeeding.

2. Don’t Use Jargon All Over Your Content

Using jargon in your content is a good thing but to some extent of course. You cannot just fill up your content overloaded with jargon which might make some people feel unwelcome and not included. If used in excess will definitely put a negative impression on your audience and you may lose a good chunk of organic traffic for your website.

3. Evaluate Your Wins and Losses

This is very important to evaluate all the wins and losses of your business to keep it on a healthy track. Evaluating wins is much easier but evaluating losses is difficult yet equally important to bring it back on track as quickly as possible. For instance, you need to evaluate where you faced a loss and only then you can try to turn this loss into something productive for your business. Or if you are unable to do that, even then it will be helpful as no failure is a waste and always leave some lesson for you.

4. Explain Everything in the Best Interest of Your Customers

This is very tactful thing that needs to be handled very carefully as you just tweak your words and apparently show the benefit of your customers while it is actually all your benefit. It is known as the game of words where your customers feel highly important and you may easily catch their attention. For instance, if you are launching a new product then show its benefits for your customers instead of explaining the new features of that product.

5. Survey Forms

It is a tool which can make your organic traffic either goes upward speedily or comes down badly. Firstly, make your survey forms with relevant questions that makes your customers feel that you care for them and want to facilitate them in every possible manner. Secondly, react to the surveys you receive from them like reply them with an answer that their issue has been resolved and you are more than happy to welcome them back.

6. Involve Storytelling in Your B2B Blogs

This step is very important to make your clients feel comfortable with your blogs and they engage easily with your blog posts. Keep your blogs in a storytelling manner so your customers enjoy reading them and doesn’t put it on side to read afterwards as they feel getting bored. You have to make sure how your customers feel while going through your blogs as it is very important for your success in future. Make them feel important by keeping your blogs engaging and enjoyable for them.

Un préstamos personales sin buro: una forma conveniente de obtener un préstamo antes del cheque de pago

Hay una serie de IMF que están listas para proporcionarle al solicitante el dinero necesario para pagar su cheque. Desde su lista en nuestro servicio, puede elegir una organización que emita un préstamo para pagar las condiciones más favorables para el cliente.

El procedimiento para obtener un microcrédito en Internet se ha desarrollado hasta el mínimo detalle, de modo que incluso una persona pueda manejar fácilmente la presentación de una solicitud y obtener el dinero para pagar hasta el salario.

Para obtener un microcrédito o un préstamos personales sin buro de día de pago, usted debe:

  • En el sitio web de la IMF, complete el formulario de registro, indicando el tamaño del préstamo a cheque de pago.
  • Espera una respuesta que llegue en unos minutos.
  • Cuente con un microcrédito sin rechazo de los solicitantes, indicando sobre ellos mismos información confiable.
  • Los ciudadanos del país que han cumplido 18 años y tienen un pasaporte tienen derecho a solicitar un préstamo de día de pago.
  • Las organizaciones de microfinanzas no requieren la provisión de estados de ingresos y garantías adicionales de terceros.

La tasa de recepción de los fondos solicitados para los préstamos personales sin buro depende del método de transferencia elegido por el cliente. Si no tiene dinero en efectivo, entonces el monto total se cobra el día en que se paga el préstamo antes del salario. Este principio está involucrado en la transferencia de microcréditos:

  • a una tarjeta bancaria o cuenta;
  • Si el dinero no se necesita con urgencia antes de un salario, es posible recogerlo en efectivo directamente en las oficinas de las ASNEF, si están en el lugar donde vive el cliente, o en una sucursal bancaria.

La devolución de un préstamos personales sin buro está disponible de cualquier manera conveniente para el cliente, según lo especifiquen las reglas de la IMF. Se permiten traducciones usando:

  • terminales bancarias;
  • transferencias de dinero a través de un banco;
  • sistemas de pago electrónico;
  • directamente en las oficinas de organizaciones que tratan con microcréditos.
  • El microcrédito está disponible para todas las categorías de la población.

Periódicamente, la necesidad de finanzas no planificadas puede surgir para todos, incluso para una persona con buenos ingresos. Pero no solo los que regularmente reciben un salario u otro ingreso independiente pueden contar con el registro de un microcrédito. El dinero en interés se proporciona a aquellos que viven de los beneficios sociales del estado, ya sea un estudiante, jubilado o desempleado.

Tomar una pequeña cantidad por poco tiempo es bastante realista. Ahora todos están disponibles conpréstamos personales sin buro para mejorar su situación financiera. Solo es importante tener en cuenta el monto del préstamo y el período para el que se solicita. Esto le permitirá pagar la deuda a tiempo y tener la oportunidad de presentar nuevas solicitudes.

Better options you Need to Have With the Small Business Options

The choice of a good business manager is fundamental, as it will be the person who guides us in the basic aspects of our business activity. To meet the ideal candidate, we speak with three professionals who have been managing for several years.

A small business is still a business and needs proper financial management. Although it is in a basic way, supported by simple spreadsheets, we have to learn to keep the appropriate records of collections and payments to have an efficient treasury management, which will avoid many unpleasant surprises for unforeseen payments that take us without liquidity enough.

Negotiation with suppliers

Another aspect that we must promote is the negotiation with suppliers. They need us as much as we need them and our relationship has to be mutually beneficial. Coordinate to group orders, shipments and invoices. Lighten the management of collections and payments, support for the realization of campaigns and promotions, are some of the tools at our disposal to improve our competitiveness.

Caring for employees

If we have employees, we must consider that they are one of the key pillars of our business. They are part of a gear that must be well greased to work perfectly. The lack of time and the urgencies of the day to day make us only remember them to demand that they do their work, forgetting about the motivation and their continuous professional recycling. If our market evolves constantly, we must worry about training our team in the skills and abilities necessary to maintain and improve our competitiveness. Within the small business ideas this is a very important matter.

In short, it is about taking advantage of one of the keys of Marketing, which is the ability to manage properly The last meter, which is the point of contact with the customer, to get as much information as possible about their needs and expectations, so that we can adapt our products and services to comply with them as best as possible.

Basic information

More than 90% of business failures are due to incorrect management, mainly due to inopportune decision making. This percentage has grown with the rise of new technologies, which makes competitive advantages ephemeral. In this context, business management of managers and owners takes on special relevance.

We can move within the framework of the requirements and / or the competence. Every time I am more convinced that it is competencies that will make the difference between one or the other professional and between the value contributed in the long run, understanding value in a broad sense. Speaking of competence, rigor, honesty and communication skills seem essential to me.

Engineers, especially when we work in the industrial field, have the facility to “understand” what happens in different areas and also in the technical part of the business.

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