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How To Potty Train Your Bulldog at Home

If you wish to learn how to potty train your puppy bulldog at a single place and time, you should know that this process is essential for the happy and long life you will have together.

One of the biggest reasons people give up on dogs is house soiling, especially because they cannot handle a dog who destroys flooring and rugs and leaves a stinky mess each time.

That is why you should be proactive and ensure to house train your puppy before it reaches adulthood. That way, you can create a strategy that will help you provide the best course of action.

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We can differentiate numerous methods for a training you should remember, including paper and crate training, among others.

Each option comes with specific advantages and disadvantages, but you can ensure overall success by following particular tips, including:

  • Keeping a regular schedule for exercising, feeding, and trips outside
  • Controlling diet with proper nutrients
  • Reinforcing puppy to go outside
  • Provide regular workouts

Crate Training 

Even though it seems problematic for most owners to confine their puppies in a crate, you should know that a process can help you achieve the efficiency you wanted in the first place. Remember that crates will make your life much easier.

As soon as your it gets accustomed to one, you will be able to ensure safer travel, vet visits, safety, and recovery.

Since dogs are den animals, they will look for a cave with an idea to reach security, especially while sleeping. Therefore, it is simple to train them to use crates as safe areas.

Keep in mind that dogs are clean animals compared with others, which means they will not enjoy their living areas soaked with urine. When you find an appropriately sized crate, you should ensure that your canine friend can stand up, lie down, and turn around inside. 

If it is too large, it will use a single corner for elimination. Since some crates come with different partitions, you can increase the size as your bulldog puppy grows.

As soon as a puppy feels an urge, it will let you know by scratching and whining. It would be best if you waited for a single to let your puppy outside because waiting too much can lead to horrible problems. 

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Pads and Paper Training

According to experts’ paper and pads, training can be challenging and tricky because you will use two options to help your bulldog puppy. In the best-case scenario, your puppy should keep it together indoors and eliminate outside.

However, some options may require creativity because you may not reach your household each time it needs to go out. Therefore, you should add puppy pads to allow relieving possibilities when you are not at home.

As soon as it matures, it would help if you took it outdoors each time it requires, which is an important consideration to remember.

Implement a Housetraining Schedule

The best way to ensure the housetraining success is by creating a schedule that will allow your puppy to understand and beat the urge of defecating outside the desired spot. Since puppy bulldogs have tiny bladders, the water will run through them as well as solid matter.

The best way to ensure they can control their bladders is to check out the number of hours they can hold. For instance, a six-month-old puppy can keep it for up to six hours, depending on diet and liquid intake.

Still, each dog comes with personal timing that will differ from a general perspective. Therefore, you should monitor different periods and habits, which will help you create a schedule. 

However, if you have a small bulldog puppy, you should ensure to take it out at specific times such as:

  • Morning
  • Before sleep
  • After playing inside
  • After a few hours in a crate
  • After chewing a bone or a toy
  • As soon as it wakes up from a nap
  • After drinking and eating

Having a dog is a responsibility, which is highly increased when you have a young one. Therefore, you must go outside a few times a day to avoid an apartment mess, which is prone to happen.

If you work eight hours a day, you should make a few arrangements to ensure the schedule by providing your family members, neighbors, or friends can keep up with them while you are away.