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Branding Expert Evan Tynan Explains Why All Businesses Need Good SEO

Most small business owners have heard of search engine optimization (SEO). However, about 70% still need an SEO strategy in place. Branding expert Evan Tynan explains why failure to pay attention to this all-important marketing tactic can have enormous ramifications for any small business. He also offers insight into simple yet effective ways any business owner can improve his or her SEO without spending a lot of money.

Over 80% of shoppers learn about a product online before making a purchase, Evan Tynan says. If consumers are still looking for a company online, they are likely to wait to buy it. The internet plays an all-important role in brand recognition, as consumers are more likely to purchase a brand they know about than an unfamiliar brand. At the same time, more is needed to have an online presence simply. The overwhelming majority of consumers won’t bother looking past the first page of search results, and the first three results on the page receive far more views than results further down the page. SEO boosts a business owner’s standing on Google, boosting brand recognition, website visits, and sales.

At the same time, Evan Tynan says general SEO differs from what most small business owners need. Instead, local outlets should focus on local SEO. This means boosting a business’s standing in search results related to one’s immediate area. For instance, a local restaurant specializing in selling seafood won’t benefit if people who don’t intend to visit the town see the restaurant’s website. However, it can benefit significantly if local people and people visiting the town can easily find the restaurant’s website. Tynan points out that it’s easy for a small business owner to improve local SEO. Some easy ways to do this include claiming a business’s Google My Business listing, adding a location page with a Google Map to the business website, creating local content, and using local keywords when creating PPC advertisements.

Evan Tynan explains that taking measures to boost a business’s local SEO will only sometimes show instant results. However, he accurately notes that it is a tried and proven way to boost a business long-term. A good rank on Google’s search engine will generate brand name recognition, boosting website traffic and sales. As a growing number of customers come to the business, they will tell others about the business on review sites and social media. This will generate even more brand name recognition and sales. Even a company that does not sell goods or services online would use SEO to its fullest potential, as it can lower marketing costs while increasing a company’s customer base.